Bald eagle off Oregon’s Endangered Species List

Bald eagle off Oregon’s Endangered Species List

The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission last week approved removing the bald eagle from the Oregon Endangered Species List. Biologists estimated a minimum population of 570 nesting pairs of bald eagles in Oregon in 2010, compared to just 65 pairs in 1978. In Washington state bald eagles were down-listed a few years ago to a Sensitive species.


Speaking of raptors . . . and squirrels . . .

Riding his bicycle recently, my husband saw two squirrels in the road sniffing the dead bodies of their compatriots killed by a car. Aside from the sadness of the scene, it points out how important it is to prevent car-animal collisions, especially in spring when young animals abound.

One way to do that is to remove a dead animal from the road to prevent meat-eaters such as raptors from attempting to retrieve the carcass and getting hit by a vehicle. Or, as in the case of the squirrels, to prevent “relatives of the deceased” from checking out the situation. However — and this is a big however — I stop to remove the dead animal only when it is SAFE to do so, which usually means when I’m on a low-traffic road and not, for example, I-84!


And speaking of raptors and lead shot . . .

From the March 14 Seattle P-I: WSU saves bald eagle from lead poisoning

Unfortunately, not all such stories have a happy ending, as you will read.


Rare bird sighting

On a walk along the confluence of the Columbia and Hood rivers on February 23 with my birder friend we spotted a Long-tailed Duck (formerly known as an Oldsquaw). We’ve since learned that was an unusual sighting in this area.


Animal shelter in The Dalles expands

Home At Last Humane Society solved the problem of how to create space for a new on-site spay and neuter clinic by using an RV. They say it will take several weeks to equip the vehicle with surgical equipment and are accepting cash donations to offset the cost.


Don’t forget!

I’m always interested in hearing from my readers. Let me know if you have any Gorge-based animal news.


Spay or neuter your pet: It’s the humane thing to do.

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