Local sea lions in peril: horse breeder charged: watch a dam-building beaver

Killing of sea lions at Bonneville Dam set to begin tomorrow

Oregon and Washington have postponed the start-up of their plan to resume killing California sea lions at Bonneville Dam in light of a lawsuit filed Monday by the Humane Society of the United States.

Trapping and killing was scheduled to begin today, but the states agreed to delay the start date to noon Thursday while their lawyers respond to the lawsuit and Humane Society request for a temporary restraining order on the lethal take program. Read the rest of the story in the Oregonian.

Here’s another story on the sea lion killing plan from Courthouse News Service: Don’t Shoot Sea Lions, Environmentalists Tell USA.


Yesterday horse breeder Nancy Skakel was arraigned in Klickitat County Superior Court on one felony count and 19 misdemeanor counts related to her treatment of horses on her White Salmon property. Read the rest of the story in the Goldendale Sentinel.


On a happier note, watch this great video provided by Oregon Wild of a beaver building a dam (scroll down to the bottom of the Oregon Wild page).


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