Local cat news; sea lion killings update; bald eagles near Bingen.

Gus needs a home

Animals of the Gorge is starting a new feature: the weekly listing of one or two homeless pets looking for homes. If your shelter would like to be involved, please let me know who you’d like to advertise.

This week’s featured pet is a cat named Gus from Columbia Gorge Cat Rescue. Here’s what his foster mom has to say about him:

“Gus is a wonderful companion cat. Great for someone who works at home, with kids or a senior. This guy is older  – eight or so – and a big sweetheart. I really want to find him a good home.  A very low-maintenance cat.”

Gus is neutered and has had his vaccinations. Contact columbiagorgecat[at]gmail.com if you’re interested in helping Gus.


Speaking of homeless cats, here’s a timely story that appeared in The Dalles Chronicle March 23 about the start of kitten season and the urgent need for spaying and neutering, including good information by Catlink and Home At Last.


And here’s a recent, remarkable story about a homeless cat with a happy ending, provided by a volunteer at Columbia Gorge Cat Rescue.

“Barrett is a big, wonderful love of a 15 ½ lb. cat that [another volunteer] fostered for a bit and I’ve had for the last three weeks. I put an ad on Craig’s List . . . knowing that she had already posted him—two ads are better than one.

“He was found in January on Barrett Drive in Hood River by a woman who took him in—and then put him back out, but at least was feeding him. I got an e-mail from a woman from Portland who said she was almost positive this was her boyfriend’s cat that he had to give up a year ago because he could not afford a $375 plane ticket to take him to Arizona (so they could have a baby near her family).

“Joe had tried everything he could think of to find his cat a home and eventually had to turn him over to a cat rescue person in Corbett. He tried to locate this person when they got back to Oregon but he could not find her.

“Long story short—Barrett had too many of ‘Leo’s’ traits and characteristics and I was 99.9% sure it was him until the night before they were due to arrive at my house. Joe’s girlfriend sent me a picture of Leo and he did not have the tipped ear that Barrett possessed and that is when doubt crept in. The only thing that could have happened (if this cat was Leo) was that someone tipped his ear during the year that he was not with Joe and his girlfriend.

“They came to my house yesterday and yes—Barrett was their boy Leo! After a year of searching the Internet and newspapers hoping they would find their beloved kitty—they found him 60 miles from home. Leo is 10 years old and was with Joe his first nine years. He has been an inside kitty his whole life and to be on his own for a year must have been terrifying. ”


Sea lions at Bonneville Dam are the losers in the latest of a series of federal rulings. Read the update from the March 22 Oregonian:

Federal judge approves killing sea lions at Bonneville Dam, but legal challenge continues


Many thanks to Elmer Kinder for this wonderful photo taken recently of two bald eagles at sunrise near Bingen. You can see more of his great photos at elmerkinder.com. Be sure to check out his “Birds” gallery.

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