Value of microchips; pigeon racing exposed

Another example of the value of microchips

The identify of a dog tied to a road sign north of Goldendale was finally solved thanks to a microchip. Read the rest of the story in the Goldendale Sentinel.


PETA investigates pigeon racing

Two years ago, riding my bike one day, I found a dead pigeon on the side of  Highway 30. I took off the small band attached to the bird, and when I got home I went online to discover what the information on the band meant. It led me to a phone number of a man who was a member of a club that raced pigeons. When I told him I’d found one of their birds dead, he clearly couldn’t have cared less; in fact, it seemed that he wondered why I was bothering him.

Now, after reading about PETA’s investigation and pigeon racing’s cruelty, I know why. Read about the 15-month investigation.

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