Posted in June 2012

Starlings: the bad, and yes, the good

As I listen to the cacophony of invasive European starlings high in the trees of my yard, I am irritated by the noise they make — but also feel sorry for them. Nobody likes them, except probably the raptors and housecats who eat them. Understandably, they are among the least popular of birds in this … Continue reading

No breaks for wildlife; Harley wants a home

No breaks for wildlife I received a quick response from the Oregon Department of Transportation regarding the question I brought up in my last post. I asked why the department didn’t use cable barriers instead of concrete barriers on a stretch of I-84 near Mosier, since the concrete barriers are more deadly for wildlife, as … Continue reading

Help change Oregon’s brutal wildlife trapping rules

Your comments to change existing wildlife trapping rules in Oregon are needed before this Thursday. Currently, the state holds title to the worst trapping practices in the nation, including provisions which allow animals to be left in leg-hold traps for up to seven days. In April I wrote that the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission … Continue reading