Unwitting source of invasive species revealed; “killer” cats subject of studies

Invasive species could be transmitted by school teachers releasing critters into wild

Now here’s something you may not have thought of  . . .  See the story in the Oregonian.


House cats can be killers outdoors, KittyCam video and photos shows

This article in the Oregonian is bad news for wildlife, and saddens those of us who love cats as well as wildlife. The comments that follow the article, as you might guess, are heated.

But a study done by the University of Otago in New Zealand, Belled collars reduce catch of domestic cats in New Zealand by half, offers hope. I’m convinced it’s true; I put bells on my two cats as soon as I brought them home from the shelter when they were each six months old. After 12 years I’ve found only a handful of kills, mostly mice or reptiles. Admittedly, as the Oregonian article states, in this particular KittyCam study the cats brought home only 23 percent of their kills. The abstract for the New Zealand study does not address how the prey killed by house cats were counted, but it states that its results were similar to two other studies done in the UK.

2 thoughts on “Unwitting source of invasive species revealed; “killer” cats subject of studies

  1. BUT, bells can attract the next step up in the food chain and there goes little kitty 😦 It’s like music to the ears of coyotes, cougars, dogs …… It’s not what you’ve done that matters, it’s what you do next that counts

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