BPA says fish program cuts temporary; my cat story published in “Chicken Soup for the Soul”

Bonneville Power Administration says fish restoration program cuts are temporary

Even as it faces court mandates to make measurable progress in fish restoration, the Bonneville Power Administration is proposing to trim spending on wildlife programs due to a tight budget and higher than anticipated spending by the contractors who carry them out. See the rest of the story in the Oregonian.

My story about adopting cats published in Chicken Soup for the Soul

My true story “Bailey’s Decision” appears in Chicken Soup for the Soul: I Can’t Believe My Cat Did That!  which will be available online and in bookstores September 18.

It’s based on my funny experience adopting my cat Bailey and his sister Cassie at an animal shelter. (That’s Bailey in my arms in the photo above.) As I write this, Cassie and Bailey are sitting nearby — yet another example of what loyal and affectionate kitties they are, as well as great examples of the wonderful animals you can find at animal shelters. That’s one reason I’m glad my story was published in Chicken Soup;  I hope it will help reiterate the message that many terrific animals are available at shelters. In fact, right now on Petfinder.com there are more than 373,000 pets available nationwide. And that’s just on Petfinder.

Anyway, if you like cat stories, you’ll love this book. The 101 stories in it are funny, sad, heartwarming and jaw-dropping. The book is available in independent bookstores as well as at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and other booksellers.

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