Delay pruning to help wildlife: Wolves once in Klickitat Co.: Stellers now deemed culprits

Delay pruning to help wildlife now

Ground squirrel

Ground squirrel. Photo by Joe Martin, courtesy USFWS.

Fall yard and garden clean-up too often includes pruning trees, shrubs and other plants that wildlife may depend on for food and cover.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife staff recommend delaying that task to help wildlife during the more difficult fall and winter season.

Read the rest of the story in the Goldendale Sentinel.

Looks like there once were wolves in Klickitat County

See this historical photo in the Goldendale Sentinel, as well as a brief update on the Wedge Pack that was recently killed by the state of Washington.

Steller sea lions now deemed culprits at Bonneville Dam

Three states want to take Stellers off the threatened species list so they can kill them now. See the rest of the story in the Oregonian.

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