Birds photographed like human models: Palm oil plantations leave orangutans at risk

Birds photographed like human models

A friend sent this marvelous link from If you love birds, you’ll love this.

Demand for palm oil, used in packaged food products, leaves orangutans at risk


Orangutan. Photo by Vera Kratochvil

Yes, this blog is called Animals of the Gorge and I know there are no orangutans living in the Gorge. (!) But people eating palm oil do live here. It’s hard to avoid since it’s in so many products. But we can make a conscious effort to avoid foods that contain it until food manufacturers realize we want them to stop using it because we don’t want to see wildlife extinctions or sacrifice our own health.

This link from NBC News, also sent by a friend, explains what illegal palm oil plantations are doing to the habitat of orangutans and other wildlife. But if you don’t want to read this story because you fear it’s too depressing, please persevere because it also addresses what is being done to help the animals.

After all that rainforest destruction, palm oil is not even healthy for you

Another link at Care 2 Make a Difference explains why palm oil and clear-cutting for palm plantations isn’t good for humans, either.

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