Glass walls pose danger for birds: Links to animal laws: Adult cats available: Raptor workshop

Glass walls pose danger for birds

Tree Swallow

Tree swallow.
Photo by James C. Leupold/USFWS

The Hood River News last week published an architectural rendering of a large building under construction on the campus of Columbia Gorge Community College in The Dalles. One entire face of the long and large building consists of windows. In response, I submitted the following letter to the editors of the Hood River News and The Dalles Chronicle:

Although I agree it’s good news that a combined National Guard Readiness/Workforce Training Center is being built on the Columbia Gorge Community College campus in The Dalles, I was disappointed to see that the architectural rendering of the large building shows that entire walls will be of clear glass.

Because a goal of the project is to become an energy efficient “net zero” facility, I can guess that the glass walls are to be used for solar energy production. However, large windows are often death traps for birds. The American Bird Conservancy estimates that as many as one billion birds may be killed by collisions with windows every year in the U.S.

I sincerely hope that the architects involved in the project have already or will consult the publication called “Bird Friendly Building Design” found on the American Bird Conservancy website to mitigate the danger to birds that these glass walls will create.

I just found this great link on the Animal Legal Defense Fund website listing animal protection laws for all of the U.S. and Canada. Check it out!

The Adult Adoption Challenge by Columbia Gorge Cat Rescue is currently underway. View some of their gorgeous and healthy adult cats looking for homes.

Mark your calendar for November 29 to attend a workshop in The Dalles on Using Raptors for Natural Pest Control.

Spay or neuter your pet: It’s the humane thing to do.

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