Homeless pets in Jefferson County need your help: Gillnet ban in lower Columbia to phase in: Midnight hopes to go home for Christmas

Homeless pets in Jefferson County need your help

Last week I met the executive director of Central Oregon Animal Friends, which works to help homeless pets in the Madras, Oregon, area. She explained that Jefferson County Kennels, which accepts dogs only, is in great need of donations.  (Although the high desert is outside the Gorge, the plight of these animals is so serious I was compelled to let you know about them.)

Currently, the many dogs at Jefferson County Kennels live outside in a paved, fenced area in individual dog igloos. Recently, the organizations were able to afford to build a roof over the paved pad but the enclosure has no electricity. Each night volunteers microwave individual pads which are placed in the igloos to keep the dogs warm through the often bitterly cold winter nights. The little dogs love it, but it is a labor-intensive process and the big dogs tend to rip the pads up. Obviously, the county ultimately needs a heated, enclosed shelter. In the near term, however, even electricity to provide consistent warmth to the igloos is needed.

If you would like to help, you can make a donation. Jefferson County Kennels also needs dog walkers, foster parents and a variety of supplies. You can also see the dogs available for adoption on their site.

Central Oregon Animal Friends also works to help homeless cats in the area.

Since homeless-pet resources are limited in Jefferson County and the needs of these animals great, I can assure you anything you offer will be greatly appreciated.

Gillnet ban in lower Columbia River to phase in by 2017

The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission on Friday changed how salmon are caught in the lower Columbia River, a decision it hopes will eventually end decades of bickering between sport fishermen and commercial gillnetters. See the rest of the story in the Oregonian.

Midnight hopes to go home for Christmas

Midnight is a six-year-old black beauty currently residing at Home At Last in The Dalles. She would love to have a home again. How about yours?




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