Help bring condors back to NW: Cute cats to be homeless soon

Help bring condors back to NW

NW Condor Watch is a nonprofit organization dedicated to linking communities that care about returning condors to their northern home range.

Liking its Facebook page and spreading the word will help this process along. The page was posted by condor biologist David Moen, whose dream is to have condors flying wild in the Columbia River Gorge. Share this page and spread the word to help this process along!

Cute cats to be homeless soon

A neighbor of mine with two cats has had to move due to illness and the cats need a new home fast. Both are friendly, spayed, adult females. They are indoor-only, have claws, and appear very healthy.

Bandit, age five, has a great personality and meows to shows her gratitude when you pet her.



Peanut, age 10, is probably the friendliest kitty you will ever meet. The first time I met her she walked right up to me.

Email me for more info.



Spay or neuter your pet: It’s the humane thing to do.

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