Posted in April 2013

Wildlife trapping to resume at OSU sheep farm

The following email was sent yesterday to members of Predator Defense regarding the resumption of wildlife trapping at the Oak Creek Oregon State University sheep farm in Corvallis. After reading it, please contact the OSU personnel listed below to let them know — politely — what you think. From: Cassandra Robertson [] Sent: Friday, April … Continue reading

Trapfree Oregon can use your help: Beware of buying turtles: No new animal shelter: Cat updates

TrapFree Oregon can use your help TrapFree Oregon is a non-profit organization dedicated to getting trapping and poisoning of wildlife legally banned in Oregon by November 2014. As TFO says on its website, “Animal rights groups and veterinary associations agree that trapped animals suffer excruciating pain, injury, dehydration, shock, distress, and sometimes drown or freeze … Continue reading