Trapfree Oregon can use your help: Beware of buying turtles: No new animal shelter: Cat updates

TrapFree Oregon can use your help

TrapFree Oregon is a non-profit organization dedicated to getting trapping and poisoning of wildlife legally banned in Oregon by November 2014.

As TFO says on its website, “Animal rights groups and veterinary associations agree that trapped animals suffer excruciating pain, injury, dehydration, shock, distress, and sometimes drown or freeze to death in traps.”

And as a friend once told me, she found a pet caught in one of these horrible traps, which are currently not illegal.

TFO also has a great Facebook page. Check it out, and do what you can to help.

Beware of buying turtles for pets

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologists warn Oregonians to be cautious when buying turtles as pets. Many of them are illegal to buy, sell or possess, despite the fact they are sold on internet sites, by street vendors and in some pet stores. See the rest of the story in the Natural Resource Report.

No new animal shelter

The dangerous dogs ordinance and the state of the Goldendale animal shelter were topics of discussion at a recent Goldendale City Council meeting.

As written in a recent Goldendale Sentinel report:

Councilwoman Bevis mentioned she seemed to notice more dogs running loose and asked if a reminder could be placed in city utility bills about the leash law. Bevis’ comment initiated an all-council discussion on dog and animal control issues and the current dangerous dog ordinance, which is undergoing discussion and refinement by the ordinance committee in the near future. According to CA Larry Bellamy, some improvements have been made on the current shelter itself, but the cost of a new shelter at this time (estimates exceed $120,000) is prohibitive.

Cat updates:

The Siamese baby noted in a previous post found a new, loving home in Trout Lake!

A short-haired, gray male tabby has been lost in the vicinity of Rowena Dell near Mosier, Oregon, and may be making his way home to Wilson Road, south of Mosier. He has a crooked tail, and his name is Buddy. If you’ve seen a cat fitting that description, please email me at

Columbia Gorge Cat Rescue in Hood River, Oregon, is still looking for a few reliable and responsible volunteers. Contact them at

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