Teaming up to study lead poisoning in birds: Funds sought to purchase wildlife habitat

Teaming up to study lead poisoning in Portland-area birds

Thanks to a recent grant from the Oregon Zoo’s Future for Wildlife programPortland Audubon purchased a countertop diagnostic device that helps detect lead poisoning in birds. Now Audubon has launched a yearlong study investigating the pervasiveness of lead poisoning in Portland-area birds.

See the rest of the story in the Oregonian.

Funds sought to purchase wildlife habitat

Mt. Adams Resource Stewards (MARS) has only a few weeks to find $50,000 to help purchase and permanently conserve the Pine Flats Tract in the Glenwood Valley of Washington’s southern Cascades.

The 280-acre property, currently owned by a timberland investment organization, straddles the scenic Trout Lake – Glenwood Highway and the access road for the Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge headquarters.

The property is dominated by upland habitats – primarily stands of ponderosa pine that are slated for logging by the current owner over the next year. MARS has been granted 90 days to raise $50,000 toward an option agreement that will provide MARS the remaining time necessary to raise funds for the project.

See the rest of the story, including a map of the area, here.

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