Posted in July 2013

New Oregon laws helps animals: Great horned owl rescued: Columbia River wetlands being improved for salmon

New Oregon laws helps animals Yea! New Oregon laws help protect pets and other animals from neglect and abuse. One of the laws also defines “hoarding.” Read the Oregon Humane Society press release. Great horned owl rescued after collision with car This story, about an owl struck by a vehicle near Goldendale, Wash., has a … Continue reading


‘Tis a busy time for animal encounters

Here in the Columbia River Gorge, as elsewhere, volunteers are very busy right now retrieving abandoned or injured wildlife, as well as homeless cats and kittens. Columbia Gorge Cat Rescue in Hood River, Ore., and Gorge Kitten Project in Lyle, Wash., are currently up to their eyeballs in homeless kittens and pregnant cats. These volunteers … Continue reading