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Help identifying wild birds; inmates raise rare frogs, butterflies

Help identifying wild birds Check out this great resource — Tricky Bird Identifications — from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for figuring out who’s who at your birdfeeder. You may also want to participate in Cornell’s Project FeederWatch. Washington state inmates raise rare frogs, butterflies Washington state inmates have been working as ecological research assistants, partnering … Continue reading


Mardon skipper butterfly gets no protection; 10,000 people attend cat video festival

Rare West Coast mardon skipper butterfly doesn’t get endangered species protection Historically, Mardon skipper butterflies were collected from three counties in Washington, including Klickitat, as well as southern Oregon and northern California. But because of grassland losses their numbers have been reduced substantially. However, today the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said that it has … Continue reading