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Help local cats on National Feral Cat Day; Germany working on ideas to prevent road kill

Help local cats on National Feral Cat Day National Feral Cat Day is this Monday! You can help Columbia Gorge feral cats get needed spay/neuter surgeries by donating to Columbia Gorge Cat Rescue. The donate button is on the upper right of its page. Columbia Gorge Cat Rescue, a registered nonprofit organization, has spayed or … Continue reading


New Oregon laws helps animals: Great horned owl rescued: Columbia River wetlands being improved for salmon

New Oregon laws helps animals Yea! New Oregon laws help protect pets and other animals from neglect and abuse. One of the laws also defines “hoarding.” Read the Oregon Humane Society press release. Great horned owl rescued after collision with car This story, about an owl struck by a vehicle near Goldendale, Wash., has a … Continue reading


BPA says fish program cuts temporary; my cat story published in “Chicken Soup for the Soul”

Bonneville Power Administration says fish restoration program cuts are temporary Even as it faces court mandates to make measurable progress in fish restoration, the Bonneville Power Administration is proposing to trim spending on wildlife programs due to a tight budget and higher than anticipated spending by the contractors who carry them out. See the rest … Continue reading