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Cooper’s hawk killed; stink bug arrives; speak out against wolf killing; Paws for a Cause coming up

Cooper’s hawk killed by HawkWatch net at Mt. Hood Despite Hawkwatch International‘s good intentions of catching and tagging migrating raptors for research, it was bound to happen sooner or later — the death of a captured bird. But we don’t know how often fatalities have occurred since the organization began trapping migrating raptors in 1995 … Continue reading


Unwitting source of invasive species revealed; “killer” cats subject of studies

Invasive species could be transmitted by school teachers releasing critters into wild Now here’s something you may not have thought of  . . .  See the story in the Oregonian. —- House cats can be killers outdoors, KittyCam video and photos shows This article in the Oregonian is bad news for wildlife, and saddens those … Continue reading


Starlings: the bad, and yes, the good

As I listen to the cacophony of invasive European starlings high in the trees of my yard, I am irritated by the noise they make — but also feel sorry for them. Nobody likes them, except probably the raptors and housecats who eat them. Understandably, they are among the least popular of birds in this … Continue reading