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New Oregon laws helps animals: Great horned owl rescued: Columbia River wetlands being improved for salmon

New Oregon laws helps animals Yea! New Oregon laws help protect pets and other animals from neglect and abuse. One of the laws also defines “hoarding.” Read the Oregon Humane Society press release. Great horned owl rescued after collision with car This story, about an owl struck by a vehicle near Goldendale, Wash., has a … Continue reading


Deer, turtles, beetles & owls making news in the Gorge

Western pond turtles recently released in the Columbia River Gorge In the past 20 years, the wild population has jumped from 100 to 1,600 animals because of recovery efforts. See the slide show at OPB. ———————————– Bike, deer collide on SR14 See the whole story in the Goldendale Sentinel. No word on what happened to … Continue reading